I Have a Fixer Upper…Should I Call a Realtor?

While realtors are the first thing that comes to mind when selling one’s house, it may not be the option for your fixer house– even if what it needs is just a few fixes or TLC.

Realtors are agents representing your property, so they are better for houses that are fully updated and ready to be moved into. Most of them work with buyers who already have certain types of property in mind.

Because your house needs work such as repairs and updating, chances are, the realtor you hire will call someone like Cincinnati House Buyer to find out how much we will be paying for something like that. Or, they might just list the property, put it on MLS and wait for other realtors to have buyers. It’s a long-running process with no guarantee of how long and how much you will be able to sell your fixer-upper.

Cincinnati House Buyer (ASAP Properties, LLC) is your best choice if you need to sell your house cash, without the stress, headache and waiting time of selling through realtors, or yourself using traditional ways.

Sell your house AS IS. Contact us today at 513.549.4145 for a no-obligation, fair price offer within 24 hours!

Why go through the trouble of trying to find a realtor that you can actually get along with, sign a contract, follow their instructions to make the house something they think buyers will want, and then wait for them to find someone who could possibly want your house (this could take months, by the way), when you can just call us? A simple phone call to us, and you’ll be able get an offer in 24 hours or less, and close on the date you want!

Cincinnati House Buyer (ASAP Properties, LLC) is the trusted house buying company in the Greater Cincinnati area. We’ll buy your house AS-IS, without you having to make any repairs to the property– that’s what we do! We renovate a lot of houses a year– we can take care of whatever problems or issues your house may have. Whether it’s faulty foundations, changes in the floor plan, flooding basements, electrical or plumbing issues and whatnot, it’s not a problem for us– we’ll take your house, and pay you a fair and accurate price!

Contact us today before you list your property – you’ll definitely be glad you did!

Find out how you can sell your fixer house fast, easily and with no hassle!
Sell your house AS IS. Contact Cincinnati House Buyer aat 513.549.4145 or fill out our confidential seller’s information form on our home page to get a no-obligation, fair price offer within 48 hours!

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