Take a look at these expensive home repairs. Are any of these on your to-do list? Maybe it's time to sell your house!

Selling to a Cincinnati Real Estate Investor

There is little doubt that some homeowners struggle with selling a house in Cincinnati. The traditional real estate process requires time, money, and effort. What if your house also has defects that are costly to fix. Here are a few general guidelines that apply to most homes. Foundation Repairs: Do you have cracked walls? Doors […]

We buy houses companies play an integral role in the Cincinnati economy. Real estate business and investment create a snowball effect that leads to local jobs and opportunities.

We Buy Houses in Cincinnati Companies

The real estate market is still fluctuating, with some markets getting back on tracks while others are fighting to add revenue. Investors play a crucial role in returning the housing market to pre-recession standards. The purchase of a property, with the intention to restore it initiates a process from which the whole neighborhood may benefit. […]

What's the difference between Foreclosure and Short Sale in Cincinnati Ohio? Which Option Is Better for You? Find out all your options!

Short Sale vs Foreclosure in Cincinnati Ohio , What is the Difference?

A short sale and foreclosure can present different advantages and difficulties regardless if you are on the buyers or sellers side of the transaction. It’s important to understand your options when pursuing a short sale or foreclosure. Foreclosure In Cincinnati Ohio Foreclosure represents the legal option, which allows any mortgage lender to satisfy the outstanding […]

Can't afford to make the payments on your mortgage in Cincinnati Ohio learn about the first stage "pre-foreclosure" in the foreclosure process and your options.

What is a Pre-foreclosure in Cincinnati Ohio?

In simplest terms, a pre–foreclosure is a property in the process of foreclosure that is still legally owned by the owner. In Cincinnati Ohio the foreclosure process can be divided into three stages: Pre-foreclosure – is the status of a property in the early stages of a delinquent loan. You can consider that pre-foreclosure starts with the first notice […]